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New Deduced Results in Subatomic Physics

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The Standard Model of elementary particles, with its associated concept of a vacuum state of empty space, leads to strongly restricted results in subatomic physics. Examples are given by vanishing rest masses and an associated spinless state of the photon. In a revised quantum electrodynamic theory by the author, new results have been deduced which cannot be obtained from the Standard Model. These are due to a vacuum state populated by Zero Point Energy and a corresponding nonzero electric charge density. This leads to a screw-shaped photon configuration with rest mass, spin and possibilities of needle radiation, to a deduced value of the elementary charge of the electron, muon and tauon being close to its experimental value, to a deduced mass being nearly equal to 125 GeV of the Higgs particle detected at CERN, and to the discovery of large intrinsic charges of both polarities within the volume of a particle. In their turn, these charges give rise to effects of the same magnitude as that of the strong force, and can account for the binding energy of 8 MeV of the neutron and proton. This makes a unification possible of electrodynamics with the strong nuclear force.

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