Multi-Objective Mathematical Model for the Optimal Time to Harvest Sugarcane

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In this paper, the sugarcane and sugar industry in Thailand is studied. The government determines the sugarcane prices which is based on the two main factors: 1) weight and 2) commercial cane sugar (standard value equal 10 C.C.S.). Usually, the C.C.S. will increase with time and the weight will decrease. The main purpose of this research is to find the optimal harvest time to maximize revenue and minimize gathering cost. The mathematical model is first formulated under the regulations of the Office of the Cane and Sugar Board (OCSB). The -constraints method is then applied to solve the multi-objective mathematical model. The optimal harvest times in the four regions of Thailand (Northern, Central, Eastern, North-Eastern) for crop years 2012/ 13, 2013/14 and 2014/15 are obtained for comparison.

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Sungnul, S. , Pornprakun, W. , Prasattong, S. and Baitiang, C. (2017) Multi-Objective Mathematical Model for the Optimal Time to Harvest Sugarcane. Applied Mathematics, 8, 329-343. doi: 10.4236/am.2017.83028.


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