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Analysis on the Influence of Soybean Target Price Policy on Farmers’ Behavioral Decision-Making

PP. 889-896
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For the target price policy of agricultural products, it is not only the guarantee of the free operation of the market price of agricultural products, but also the key for the government to play a leading role in it, and then actively arouse the enthusiasm of farmers, and promote the market risk to be continuously reduced. Farmers as the main body of the target price policy, in the view of the farmers, the policy will directly affect the enthusiasm of farmers to grow. Taking soybean crops as an example, the relevant departments found through the investigation of farmers. Because of the lack of organization, farmers’ ability to regulate the market is severely restricted. Therefore, in order to ensure the future of soybean and other farmers in China, it has not formed a profound understanding of the price policy. In the following articles, the effective reform of crop price policy will start with the operation and mechanism of the target price policy. The problems and reasons in the implementation of the target price policy and the policy suggestions for the implementation of the target price policy are analyzed.

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Liu, M. , Yang, S. and Li, H. (2018) Analysis on the Influence of Soybean Target Price Policy on Farmers’ Behavioral Decision-Making. Modern Economy, 9, 889-896. doi: 10.4236/me.2018.95056.


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