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Dr. Fernando A. Herrera

Medical University of South Carolina, USA

Email: herreraf@musc.edu


2003 D.M., Boston University
1997 B.Sc., University of Kansas

Publications (Selected)

  1. Fernando A Herrera MD, Prosper Benhaim MD, Jason Roostaeian MD, Kodi Azari MD, Scott Mitchell. Cost Comparison of Open Fasciectomy vs. Percutaneous Fasciotomy for Dupuytrens Disease. Plastic and Reconstructive Surgery: Submitted
  2. Malcolm A. Lesavoy MD, Kenneth Fan BS, Andrew Goldberg MD, Brian Dickinson MD, Fernando Herrera MD. Facial reanimation by staged, split masseter muscle transfer: a revisit. Annals of Plastic Surgery. In Press
  3. Som Kohanzadeh, MD, Fernando A. Herrera MD, Marek Dobke, MD, Ph.D. Outcomes of Open and Endoscopic CarpalTunnelRelease: A Meta-Analysis. Hand. In Press.
  4. Fernando Herrera MD, Rudolf Buntic MD, Darrell Brooks MD, Gregory Buncke MD, Anuja K. Antony MD, MPH. Microvascular Approach to Scalp Replantation and Reconstruction: A Thirty-Six Year Experience. Microsurgery. Pending revision.
  5. Fernando A. Herrera MD, Charles K. Lee MD, Gil Kryger MD, Jason Roostaeian MD, Bauback Safa MD, Robert F. Lohman MD, Lawrence J. Gottlieb MD, Robert L. Walton MD. Microsurgery in the Hypercoaguable Patient: Review of the Literature. Journal of Reconstructive Microsurgery. In Press.
  6. Jason Roostaeian MD, Ivan Sanchez BS, Andrew Vardanian MD, Fernando Herrera MD, Charles Galanis MD, Andrew Da Lio MD, Jaco Festekjian MD, Christopher Crisera MD. Comparison of Immediate Implant Placement versus the Staged Tissue Expander Technique in Breast Reconstruction. Plastic and Reconstructive Surgery. In Press.
  7. Aladdin H Hassanein MD, Fernando A Herrera MD, Travis L Engelbert MD, Nikhil Kansal MD. Anastomotic Rupture Following Brachial Artery Repair is Associated with Soft Tissue Deficiency. American Surgeon. In Press.
  8. Aladdin H Hassanein MD, Fernando A Herrera MD, Omar Hassanein BS. Challenges of randomized controlled trial design in plastic surgery. Can J Plast Surg 2011, Vol 19.
  9. Malcolm A. Lesavoy, Kenneth Fan, Dax A. Guenther, Fernando A. Herrera, J. William Little III. The Inverted-V Cheveron Umbilicoplasty for breast reconstruction and abdominoplasty: 35 years experience. Aesthetic Surgery Journal. Accepted July 5, 2011.
  10. Fernando A Herrera, Aladdin H Hassanein, Vishal Bansal. Atraumatic spontaneous rupture of the non-gravid uterus. J Emerg Trauma Shock. 2011 Jul-Sep; 4(3)
  11. Fernando A. Herrera MD, Roy A. Meals MD. Chronic olecranon bursitis. J Hand Surg Am. 2011 Apr;36(4):708-9.
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  13. Fernando A Herrera MD, Aladdin H Hassanein MD, Bruce Potenza MD, Marek Dobke MD, Niren Angle MD. Bilateral Upper Extremity Vascular Injury as a Result of High Voltage Electrical Burn: Case Report and Review. Ann Vasc Surg. 2010 Aug;24(6):825.
  14. Fernando Herrera MD, Raul Coimbra MD, PhD. Blunt Pelvic Trauma Resulting in Unilateral Ruptured Testicle: A Case Report and Review of the Literature. The Internet Journal of Urology. 2009 Volume 6 Number 1
  15. Fernando A. Herrera Jr. MD, Anuja Antony MD, Jesse Selber MD, Rudolph Buntic MD, Gregory M. Buncke MD. How often is the SIEA Adequate? An Observational Correlation J Plast Reconstr Aesthet Surg. 2010 Mar;63(3):e310-1
  16. Fernando A. Herrera MD, Som Kohanzadeh MD, Nikhil Kansal MD, Eric L Owens MD, Richard Bodor MD. Management of Vascular Graft Infections with Soft Tissue Flap Coverage: A Veterans Affairs Experience. American Surgeon. 2009 Oct;75(10):877-81.
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  18. Fernando A. Herrera MD, Charles K Lee MD, Darrell Brooks MD, Rudolf Buntic MD, Gregory M Buncke MD. Simultaneous Double Second Toe Transplantation for Reconstruction of Multiple Digit Loss in Traumatic Hand Injuries. Journal of Reconstructive Microsurgery. 2009 Jul;25(6):369-76.
  19. Fernando Herrera MD, Mark W. Kiehn,  Scott L. Hansen MD, Charles K. Lee MD. The Distal Superficial Femoral Arterial Branch to the Sartorius Muscle as a Recipient Vessel for Soft Tissue Defects about the Knee: Anatomic Study and Clinical Applications.  Microsurgery. 2009;29(6):425-9