Frédéric Guittard
Nice University , France
He received his PhD in organic chemistry in 1994, Nice-France, then went as postdoctoral fellows in Padova-Italy, in Preston-UK, in Prague-Czech Rep., then in a pharmaceutical group-Monaco, as head of the industrial chemical development. In 1997, he joined Nice-France as associated professor then full professor en 2002 and promoted professor exceptional class in 2014. Director of the chemistry department from 2004 to 2010, he moved in 2012 from chemistry to physics Lab and created a new team on advanced His main research concerns the conception and development of new active surface materials inspired by biomimetic approaches and biobased chemistry. NanoTech, BioTech and SmartTech are the three axis of his research Group. He is well known in superhydrophobic and superoleophobic surfaces. Another strong theme is the fluorine chemistry and its alternatives for low energy surface materials (140 articles, 35 patents, invited professor in Bristol-UK, Czech Rep., Porto Alegre-Brazil, chairman & Contact : Address : Univ. Nice, CNRS, LMPC, Group Surface & Interface, Parc Valrose – 06100 Nice - France